Universal Triletteral Code for Security (UTCS)

It would seem the UTCS have been offline for a while now (kudos to Paolo for developing these) and almost all of my Third Edition map legends use the abbreviations from it. While the code is now second nature to me, it may not be obvious to anyone visiting my website, which makes some of my run notes semi-useless. So, I’m reproducing the code here for easy access. So, if you plan on using my Third Edition material, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with these notations. 

Detection Systems

KPx = Keypad Rating x. Remove Casing Test = Elec B/R(Anti-Tamper + x). Wiring = Electronics(x+2). Sequencer = Sequencer Rating vs. KP Rating

C(letter)x = Card Reader Rating x. Opened by card (letter or more). ie: a Cd3 door can be opened by a Cardkey rated a, b, c or d, but e fails. Tests to hack the lock same as KPx.

PSx = Print Scanner Rating x. Hack Test same as KPx.

RSx = Retinal Scanner Rating x. Requires implants to bypass.

VRx = Voice Recognition System Rating x. Using a doctored or taped voice sample = Rating of Recording vs. Rating x

VDx = Vibration Detector Rating x. Passing Undetected = Stealth(x) Test.

DWA = Door-Window Alarm. Locate Contacts = Perception(3). Defeat System = Electronics(4+Complexity)

C(xx) = Camera, video feed to room xx.

PDx = Pressure Detectors, x meters in length.

Active Systems

GD(gas) = Gas Delivery System, loaded with (gas). Nearly impossible to detect.

NGS = Net Gun System. Dodging = (Will + React)/3 dice with TN 6. Disengaging = Strength(Attacker Successes * 2). If already tangled, make a Strength(8 – turns entangled) test to free themselves.

GS(S/D) = Gun System (Smart/Dumb). Dumb = Appropriate Weapon skill is 4 on a 60 degree firing arc, 3 on a 120 degree, or 2 on 180 degree. Can attack every 30 seconds. Smart = Appropriate Weapon Skill is 6 and has an Initiative of 25 + 2D6.

LLS = Lethal Laser System. Inflicts 10S damage, resisted by impact armor.

MWT = Monowire Trap. Noticing = Perception(6). Damage = Running (11S), Walking (9S), Grabbing (7S). Half Impact Armor, no combat pool to resist.

~ by 1nsomniac on December 3, 2008.

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