Welcome to the Data Haven

Hello chummers.  😉

My name is J, but I also answer to Insomniac.  This blog will soon be the home of all my Shadowrun stuff that I have scattered around the Net.  Primarily a place to grab run notes, I plan on reviewing sourcebooks, posting fan fiction and perhaps even commenting on the game itself.

If you’re not familiar with Shadowrun (in the P&P RPG style, rather than the video games), it is a near-future, dystopian, cybernetic future game where fantasy elements have been re-introduced to the world causing an interesting blend of magic and machine.  The storyline is in-depth and there are so many things going on at once that Game Masters should have no shortage of material.  However, if you find yourself short on material, hopefully some of the future posts on this blog will help with that.  🙂

While I will occasionally pipe up like this, the bulk of my posts will likely be “in-character” as my grumpy, sleep-deprived sysop alter-ego, Insomniac.  He runs a board in the Seattle Matrix where shadowrunners can look for work.  He’s a no nonsense kind of guy, but he does welcome some discussion.  So if you’d like to comment on run notes, feel free to do so in character and become part of the dialogue.

Well, I think that’s it for now.  Hopefully, you’ll check back from time to time.


>>Oi!  Who’s grumpy?  Anyways, I figured I’d step up and introduce myself.  The handle’s Insomniac and I run my own little corner of ShadowSea.  If you need work, I’m your guy…assuming legality ain’t a scruple you tend to have.  If you think the shadows might be the place for you, then loiter for a bit and see what’s around.  Who knows…maybe you’ll be the next best thing round here.  Or maybe you’ll end up as the next red stain on the asphalt.  Either way, these should be interestin’ times, omae.  Perhaps I’ll see ya round.
>> Insomniac
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

~ by 1nsomniac on December 2, 2008.

13 Responses to “Welcome to the Data Haven”

  1. Hi! I followed the link from the old site and have long been in love with some of the old adventures (Jewel of the Atlantic to be specific about one). May I have your permission to adapt some of those adventures to my current campaign, with appropriate credit, link and not for publication (other than on my own website)?


    • That’s why I put my old material online… for other GMs to borrow, modify and steal the ideas for their own games. By all means, link to any material you want. Slowly but surely, the material will move from the old site to this one, so if you do link to the old site, you’ll eventually need to update the link.

      I’m glad you enjoyed some of my older material. 🙂


  2. I’ve been lost in schoolwork, finally got some folks together for SR and decided to troll your site again. I like the new material, and I’m glad you have been able to find a suitable site for it.

    • Hey Anders, glad to see your presence still lurking about. 🙂
      I’ve fallen a bit behind in my updates, yet again, from real life interfering again, but hopefully I’ll get the ball rolling again shortly. I have tons more new stuff to post yet… 😉

  3. That site is great. I’ve been ste.. borrowing from you since some time now, and it’s always been a help.

    Keep up the good work !


    • Always glad to hear that my material has helped a fellow GM out. I’m not producing material near as fast as I once did, but I do try to update periodically.

      If you have something you’re particularly proud off, you can always send it to me if you’d like to see it posted here. Ultimately, this is to be a resource for GMs, by GMs and I welcome any form of quality work.



  4. Jay, I have an index of your really old adventures, some of which I’d like to look over again. Is there any place I can find them?


    • Posted my reply in the wrong spot…

      Is there any one in particular you’re after? A lot of my old material has been lost unfortunately, but I have a couple still left to post (my laziness and the sheer size of the adventure has kept me from posting it thus far). I can possibly send the document in a pinch, if I still have the notes.

      • I have an old list of your cumulative adventures, some of which I never saw. In particular, I am looking for a pair of adventures about a guy trying to escape from one of the old Japanacorps. I actually want to mine the plot elements for an Eclipse Phase run.

  5. Is there any one in particular you’re after? A lot of my old material has been lost unfortunately, but I have a couple still left to post (my laziness and the sheer size of the adventure has kept me from posting it thus far). I can possibly send the document in a pinch, if I still have the notes.

    • Actually, it would seem I have a number of your older adventures on my HD that don’t appear on your site. In turn, do you want these files? It will be a bear to sort them out, I still have an index document that you issued at one point, it tantallizingly refers to a series of Swords runs tha seem permanantl lost. I might need a direct email addy for ftp, let me know.

      • Oh wow, I thought those were history… the only older run left to post that I still have the notes for is “Jewel of the Atlantic”, which will take forever to clean up and repost. If you’ve got them and are willing to send them back to me, that’s cool, but no need to go big time out of your way.

        Life’s been very busy and I’m behind in my updates already. 😛

        If you need an email address, you can use shadowrunner13 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com to reach me.

        Thanks, as always Anders, for continually coming back. 🙂

      • Well, I first have to audit what you seem to be missing, and then get busy. No point in sending you everything I have,since you have copies of most of your canon. I suppose I will start with Jewel, if my copy is still good, and then work from there. And (lol) I check your site regularly. One of the very few SR sites still active.


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